La Rocque Sunrise

I set out this morning to grab a shot of La Rocque Harbour. I love this place, especially on a rising mid-tide. The sea starts to wrap around the harbour which then creates a separation of the pier from the land.

I checked that the tide was right for this occurrence this morning and headed down for 6:30am. Unfortunately there was a lot of cloud between us and France and the sunrise to the east wasn't visible. However the orange light that you see in this picture is the light in the west from town (St Helier) hitting the low cloud and forming a different kind of sunrise. I waded into the water up to my knees to capture the shot. This image took me two long exposures to get it right. My second successful shot was taken over a ninety second period because the light was very low - forty minutes before sunrise. After being in the water for five minutes, the tide had already come up to my waist so there was no time for a third shot but I am very happy with the end result. I hope you like the shot too. Feel free to make a comment or ask me a question by clicking below, thanks. Andy    

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by Andy Le Gresley